District 36 PTO School Lunch Guidelines


To offer an optional catered lunch program as a convenience to the families in the district. Each PTO has the autonomy to determine pricing for their program and if it will be operated as a fundraiser. All fundraising activities will be audited annually.


Lunches are designed to provide healthy, nutritionally balanced meals through a variety of menu options including whole grain selections and fruits and vegetables. The type and amounts of food shall meet or exceed Illinois State Board of Education’s School Food Service rule and the federal rules implementing the National School Lunch Act and Child Nutrition Act.


PTO’s will only use food vendors who are in full compliance with all federal, state and local rules, laws, licensing requirements and regulations. Lunchroom supervision is provided by each school.


PTO’s strive to be environmentally conscious with regard to the selection of food vendors and their policies. Whenever possible, recyclable and biodegradable materials used to package and serve lunches will be chosen.


Parents will have the opportunity to provide feedback and evaluate lunch vendors on a regular basis through surveys. Each PTO posts the food vendors that they use on their PTO websites.